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“It’s Butter Baby!”

The best skin care is Earthen. Try “It’s Butter Baby!” today and make your skin happy! 

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Why Shea?

The Mother Butter

Unlike water based products, which dry the skin out over time, oils preserve and heal our skin. 

Shea Butter "The Mother Butter", contains all the natural essential nutrients to help heal eczema, dry cracked feet, dark marks, psoriasis, stretch marks, razor bumps, rashes, burns, cellulite and acne. 

Our Shea's ingredients come from their natural sources all around the world for optimum vitality. 

Quality Ingredients

Green Tea imported from Shanghai, China

Our ingredients arrive bi-monthly from their original lands to ensure the health content of each ingredent. 

Healing Ingredients

Lemongrass lifts the spirit.

Our customers know from experience how their products make them feel. 

We know that the truest way to know is to try for yourself!